Monday, June 1, 2009

Bible is ...

Our view of the Bible effects how we read it and expect from it.

Bible is ...
not a theoretical book or a book of theological abstractions, but a book that intends to have a mighty influence on the lives of its readers.
- Bernard L. Ramm
Protestant Biblical Interpretation, p. 113
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今天(2018/3/28)的速讀聖經進度:申命記第 1 章、詩篇 81-82 篇、以賽亞書第 29 章、約翰參書。而抓到我的經文平均地分布在進度裡,分別是: 申 1:16-17 - 你們聽訟,無論是弟兄彼此爭訟,是與同居的外人爭訟,都要按公義判斷。審判的時候,不可看人的外貌;...