Day 3 - Q & A between Tim and City to City network pastors and church planters

Tim did a Q & A with church planters, pastors, and core members. Just quick notes but from my perspective, it's extremely helping because of these customized questions.
  • (Spending time to a person) - We can't not spend too much time to a needy sheep and ignore the other 99 sheep (not preparing sermon well feeding them). Distinguish a lost person, a potential christian leader, and a needy person.
  • (Church model) - prefer doing church planting rather than an multi-site church
  • Recommend St. Gregory the Great's book: The Book of Pastoral Rule: St. Gregory the Great (Popular Patristics Series)
  • (Confidence or calling to doing ministry in NT city) - He didn't have one. He didn't have any confidence or arrogance. He went because no one wanted to go after his asking. He went because there was an opportunity over there. "It's a duty," Tim said. Why not for out of "duty" and "should?" For almost beginning 2 years in NT city, he was always in anxious and could go to bed and sleep without prayer.
  • (Spouse) - While doing church planting, your marriage will never fall on "Fine" point. It's always between intolerant and not good but tolerant. Always ask you spouse! You don't correct her feeling. If she said, "you don't love me," then you really have to make her feel loved by you. You can't say "you're wrong!" I love you, you have to know. So, always ask your wife.
  • (Age issue) - The same candidate, western people tend to think he is too old while eastern says too young.
  • (Leaders selection) - Let a group of leaders decide who can take lead. Especially, doing cross culture background, let those having the same background (culture) make the decision.
  • (Every church has to do church planting?) - It's hard to plant a church if the mother church is not in a renewal mode. In general, every church should do church planting. 2 and 3 small churches work together is a great idea.
  • (Culture difference) - A multi-classes church is infinitely harder than a multi-racial church. Let's say a group of people with various ethnical and cultural background. If they all get an Ph. D, they are the same (the one). Nobody cares what language you use or your background. However, homogenous race with different social classes still has a great difference.
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