Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shedd Aquarium

During Easter break, we went to Shedd Aquarium with friends. Actually, we should go to aquaria in Taiwan, which is a beautiful island. Since somebody said it's a good place and we didn't really visit Chicago City yet, we took this trip. Plus, Trinity is not really in Chicago as a Taiwanese view. It takes me almost an hour from Trinity to the aquarium.

##CONTINUE##It's a nice place. I saw many children with their parents happily playing and running. I also realized, "I don't like fishes." I like mammals swimming in the water or sea, but not fishes. I like dolphins, anemones, manatees, and even sea dragons. That's why I use a frog as a picture. I just don't like fishes at all. I can accept tropical fishes like nemos by the grace of Finding Nemo. Anyway, next time I want to go to the zoo, to see my favorite - wolves.

--- 以下為中文 ---

芝加哥水族館一日遊 (Shedd Aquarium)

趁著春假,到芝加哥的水族館(Shedd aquarium)去玩了一下。其實,台灣這個島國才應是逛水族館的好地方,但因為聽說這兒很不錯,(這裡可以看照片),加上三一其實不算在芝加哥,只能說是在「大芝加哥」;好像北宜公路不純砍頭蜂蜜相對台北巿那麼遠,就跟朋友來走走。

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